10-12 November 2020 | Online

Fusion Leads the Way.

4 amazing views of The Future Now from our Fusion leaders

It began January 2020 when 23 professionals from 15 business service centres joined this year’s ABSL Fusion Leader Programme. They set out to identify burning problems that the companies can work on solving together.

So far they spent 8 months working with experts and mentors, researching, conducting surveys, looking for best practices and developing new digital tools. And the results?

You will find out during the ABSL Digital Conference. They will present to you 4 joint projects that you will have a chance to join.

Therefore make sure to be there – if you don’t have your ticket yet, register now. And invite your colleagues too.

What will be the projects line-up?

1. Skill-Set of the Future

Identify the critical GBS skills for the near future, find your skills gaps and shape your teams profile. All done with the help of a digital tool, which you will see during the conference.

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2. Environmental Practices

Create a healthier and environmentally friendly workplace in your GBS centre. Leverage tips and best practices from ABSL members – all wrapped up for you in a practical digital handbook.

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3. How to survive "Robocracy"

Gain guidelines on how best to support your managers to develop the managerial skills relevant for the future. Including a competence matrix with the top 5 competencies and how to obtain them.

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4. Staying relevant for GBS

Tap into the vast potential of the 50+ age market. Join and co-create a digital platform connecting GBS centres, 50+ employees, recruitment agencies, insitutions, NGOs and government offices.

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