A strong brand increases the response to personnel advertising


A survey executed by the Randstad personnel agency indicates that a strong brand, positively perceived by the public, is capable of reducing the company’s costs for personnel advertisements, doubling the response to advertised positions and even saving on salary expenses. According to the ABSL, this is why Czech business services centres invest considerable effort into establishing their employer brand. Because, they need to attract approximately 10,000 qualified employees with language skills a year, which is complicated by the low unemployment rate and the resulting longer length of time needed to recruit employees. The recently awarded project by the Atlas Copco Company can serve as inspiration for the entire market.

“The falling unemployment rate is accompanied by rising costs for recruiting employees and the longer time needed for recruitment. The time needed to recruit an employee has actually increased by more than a week compared to 2016. For example employees without foreign language skills can be recruited within 4.4 weeks, but employees with English language skills require 6.7 weeks and recruitment of employees who speak a non-European language takes 8.6 weeks on average. Companies from our sector have realised that if they invest into their employer brand, their efforts will pay off in the form of faster recruitment of candidates for vacant positions,“

says Jonathan Appleton, Director ABSL. Establishment of an employer brand also contributes to retaining existing employees and their greater engagement and also reduction of costs for personnel advertising by tens of per cent. According to a survey by the Randstad Company, companies with a poor reputation also have 10% higher costs per employee than their competitors with a strong brand and a positive reputation, 50% of job candidates state that they would not work for a company with a bad reputation, even if they received a higher salary for doing so.

“It is becoming essential to invest into the employer brand. Those who do not actively work on their good reputation and do not establish a friendly corporate culture, not only fail to acquire employees, but also suffer from growing costs in the field of recruitment and salaries,“ Jonathan Appleton commented the situation. Most Czech companies now agree with this opinion. According to the survey, 80% of executive employees actually agree that the employer brand has a fundamental impact on their ability to employ talented employees. The project by the Atlas Copco Company, which utilised transformation of its name to reinforce its employer brand, can serve as a good example from this aspect. The result was a significant reduction in costs for personnel advertising. Most new employees were acquired in the past year on the basis of personal recommendations by satisfied current employees.

A diamond for the Atlas Copco Services rebranding campaign

The Atlas Copco Services Company was awarded an ABSL Diamond in the Employer Branding category for its rebranding campaign and its impact on perception of its brand on the job market. In relation to transformation of the name from Edwards Services to Atlas Copco Services this Brno-based business services centre realised a number of activities for existing and potential employees, partners and local communities. The key motif of the entire campaign was the motto “First in Mind – First in Choice”. “As well as a major social event in celebration of transformation of the company’s name, and regular sports, leisure time and educational activities for employees, we also focused on establishing awareness of our brand among students and potential employees in the form of school presentations of experiments with vacuum, attendance of job fairs, competitions for the best diploma thesis or collaboration with local communities for example,“ says Roman Pavloušek, director of the Atlas Copco financial centre. The Atlas Copco rebranding activity has received a positive response from the media and followers of social networks, however, according to Roman Pavloušek, its biggest impact was apparent in the field of recruitment: “In the past year most candidates for jobs at our centre were recruited on the basis of recommendations by our current employees. This signifies to us that our employees are satisfied with us and spread their satisfaction to others.“


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