what do we stand for?

Our mission

ABSL is a platform for enhanced dialogue and collaboration within the Business Service Community. We advocate Business Services to create a better business environment for our members and ensure the sustainable and long term development of the industry.

Our vision

"Our vision is to promote Business Services to become one of the key local industries and help the Czech Republic to be one of the most attractive locations for Business Services in Europe."

our goals

Research of the Sector

Gather and maintain business intelligence market data, key statistics and sector insights to support existing business services and attract new investors to the CR.

Strong Public Relations

Promote the ABSL and business services through cooperation with media, PR, one-voice response to current events, promotion of sector sucesses and organization of events.

Cooperation with Authorities

Build relationship with relevant national and local authorities to open dialogue and cooperation to support industry interests.

Business Services Community

Build a strong community of business services leaders sharing knowledge and cooperating on major projects designed to advanced the sector.

Cooperation with Universities

Create relationship with relevant universities to open dialogue and cooperation on adopting education to support business needs and attract new talents to the sector.

Strategic Partnerships

Develop a network of strategic business partners helping to advance the goals of the association and its members.

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