ABSL and CzechInvest look for talents in the UK


The Czech Your Talent project, initiated by ABSL in co-operation with CzechInvest, has been successful in attracting people interested in working in the Czech Republic from Germany and now moves to UK. The aim of the project is to find new employees for Czech business services centers, who, in addition to the appropriate qualifications, need excellent language skills. The business services sector generate around 10,000 new jobs per year. Lack of well-linguistically equipped workers from the Czech Republic solve the companies with the recruitment from abroad. The Czech Your Talent project is the unified recruiting voice of business services companies. It motivates foreign people to work in the Czech Republic, presents them interesting career opportunities and at the same time contributes significantly to the promotion of the whole Czech Republic. Relocation to the Czech Republic will enable UK business services sector employees to achieve a higher standard of living.

The United Kingdom was chosen as a next destination for the project because Brexit is expected to cause a major migration to the labor market.

See the latest press release for more information.