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ABSL becomes an official member of the Czech Chamber of Commerce - ABSL

ABSL becomes an official member of the Czech Chamber of Commerce


ABSL has joined the Czech Chamber of Commerce to become part of the professional network of unions to protect and lobby for the common interests of the business services sector in the Czech Republic. ABSL members are now considered to be part of the network and can benefit from the following advantages that such membership brings. 

  • Legislation – Comment on materials concerning legal regulation of businesses. ABSL is currently involved in passing comments on the Labour code.
  • Foreign Relations – Get help for Czech companies entering foreign markets.
  • Commerce & Services – Gain services supporting their business activities such as excerpts from the state’s public registries eg. Czech POINT, electronic tolls, certificates of legal nature, assistance in recruiting foreign workers, etc.
  • Sections & Working groups – Join 800+ experts in professional working groups. ABSL aims to be involved in the employment and labour, digital agenda and legislation section.
  • Czech EU Presidency – Take part in discussions with Czech business leaders to promote members´ interests and experience within the EU institutions and other member states of the EU. For more information download the Brochure.

ABSL is delighted to be an official member of the Czech Chamber of Commerce which brings an even better opportunity to enhance the Czech business and GBS sector direction.


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What is the Czech Chamber of Commerce?

The Czech Chamber of Commerce is the largest business association in the Czech Republic with 16,000+ members. Its mission is to create opportunities for entrepreneurship and promote measures that contribute to the development of the business environment and economic stability in the Czech Republic. More information is provided on the website.


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