ABSL: Brexit will give a lot of advantages to the Central and East European Region



The ABSL Association and Bloomberg organised a conference in London on the topic of Europe after Brexit. Leading representatives of the British business sector agreed that the Central and East European region (CEE)  would profit substantially from Brexit. Investors will try to move their operations to the EU and, compared to West Europe, the CEE can offer very competitive conditions.

“Experts are already reporting increased interest by British investors in the CEE region, including the Czech Republic”, Jonathan Appleton, Director of the ABSL Association stated, adding, “this is why we presented the advantages of the Czech market and presented interesting localities together with CzechInvest at the conference, so that the Czech Republic benefits as much as possible from these changes.”

ABSL estimates that the segment of business services alone should grow at a rate of 20% within the terms of the entire CEE. This sector employs a total of 1.5 million people in Europe and the Czech Republic is one of the TOP 5 destinations investors are interested in. 


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