ABSL launched its Academy


As a response to many graduates not sufficiently prepared for a real-life job, the companies within the business services decided to act and founded the ABSL Academy. Its goal is to run webinars and trainings to effectively prepare candidates for a career within the business services.

The ABSL Academy was formed in a strategic partnership with ACCA, an association focusing on professional development with comprehensive education programme for the business services. However, the ABSL Academy courses are most often led by experts from partner companies such as Deloitte and other ABSL members. Many business services companies have a long-standing record of effectively training their employees, which can inspire others.

On average, the Czech business services centers spend 3-6 months training their employees, which leads to a substantial costs. ABSL Academy is focusing on helping to alleviate part of this training workload.

You can find more information in the latest Press release (in Czech).


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