ABSL report: robotic automation is a trend

The ABSL association, which unites companies operating in the segment of shared business services in the Czech Republic, publishes the results of research that shows the level of automation in this field and the benefits this phenomenon entails. According to the research, a growing number of shared services centres utilises services based on complex macros and scripts while bigger centres also employ advanced robot automation. The most advanced forms of automation can already be found in 17 % of medium-sized and large shared business services centres (medium-sized centres – 200-500 employees; large centres – more than 500 employees). Practically all large centres utilise complex macros and at least simple robot automation.
The category of thus automated activities includes, e.g., reporting, analytics, form filling, database work and repeated activities that can be solved using macros and software agents not only within the environment of office applications. According to an ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) analysis, a software solution costs roughly only 1/9 compared to the same job performed by humans. If you add the higher speed and reliability of transactions, the return on investment in the automation of processes can be as low as 6-12 months.
“Employment of robotic automation is consequently beneficial not only for employees, who do not have to deal with routine and boring activities while they can concentrate on creative work, but primarily for customers, who receive better services,” Jonathan Appleton, ABSL Managing Director, commented on the research results, and added: “Robotic automation is a true phenomenon nowadays. In connection with it there are even terms used such as Industry 4.0 or the fourth industrial revolution. Even though many analysts see the risk that implementation of automation may lead to a reduction in the number of jobs, the segment of shared business services is one of those sectors that prove that this trend is meaningful and brings many benefits, such as the creation of new services.”
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