ABSL: The Czech Republic has the best experts, which is why qualified work from all over the world is coming here.


Business services centres providing services in the field of information technologies R&D and logistics grew the fastest last year within the Czech business services segment. The entire sector reported 19% growth and the number of employees reached 89,000. Adoption of modern technologies will slightly slow this growth in future years, but on the other hand it will provide considerable support to its development in the sphere of quality and the scope of the provided services. We can expect that 100,000 people will be employed in this sector by 2020 and the global market will reorganise by 2025 – routine work will either be robotised or will move to cheaper countries. The Czech Republic aspires to become a sought after world centre of technological development. This information is the result of an extensive survey of the Czech business services market realised by the ABSL.

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