ABSL: The level of Czech education slows down the development of the Business Services


Although business services sector in the Czech Republic is prosperous, its dynamic development is inhibited by the lack of education in technology and foreign languages, as well as the lack of preparedness of graduates for professional life. Therefore, companies must invest a lot of time and but also money in order to train new recruits. 70% of these recruits are usually fresh graduates. ABSL, which brings together companies involved in business services, thus wants to participate actively in discussions about university curriculum and offer their lecturers from practice – from large and successful companies of the world known brands, which operates in the Czech Republic. The aim is not to lose the planned 35,000 new jobs and maintain the competitiveness of the Czech Republic in the era of digital transformation, and also after the fourth industrial revolution that will change – actually, it is already changing – the labor market.

More information can be found in the latest press release.


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