ABSL Work From Home Survey 2021: Full Outcomes & Trends


We are delighted to share with you the outcomes of our latest ABSL Work From Home Survey 2021 that were presented at our webinar last week, ABSL WFH Survey: Outcomes & Trends. The survey, carried out in January, was completed by 44 companies, representing 65,000 of employees in Czech Business Services, who shared their insights and trends.

We would like to thank once again to all companies that participated and filled-in the survey, and also to all delegates of our webinar last week – We hope you enjoyed the session with us.

Given the current state of the coronavirus pandemic, the topics included in our survey are of a huge importance. That is why ABSL is here to help you navigate these Covid times.

Main Survey Highlights & ABSL Webinar Presentation, Recording

At our webinar last week we shared the results and valuable insights from our ABSL Board Members and expert partners Deloitte & Colliers.

What are the intentions of the centres that have been working remotely for over a year now? What are their plans for the future? And what remote working strategies have they put into place in terms of resilience and sustaining business continuity?

These and many more questions were asked in the ABSL WFH Survey 2021 among business services centres. And now we are happy to present you the full outcomes & latest trends.

Operational Models & WFH:

60% of centres measure no impact on the team productivity while WFH during Covid-19
56% invest into digital reskilling of leadership
70% offer full flexibility to come to the office when needed

Remote Work Strategy:

50% of centres have a remote work strategy in place, including work from abroad
32% financially support employees on WFH or are planning to
53% consider employing employees abroad

Workplace Solutions:

90% of centres consider implementing desk sharing policy
71% consider rearranging the size of offices

Health & Safety Measures:

16% have plans linked to COVID-19 vaccination
53% train employees in health & safety measures specifically for WFH

Learn more in the detailed survey outcomes that were presented during the webinar last week and enjoy recorded session, discussions on this topic and much more.

Download the Full WFH Survey Report with complete survey results, data and trends that also include comments of our expert leaders from Colliers & Deloitte.


Thank you for your contribution and support.
We look forward to meeting you at our upcoming webinars.

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