Diamonds Awards

Covid-19 and the ‘New Normal’

Our Czech business services sector has seen one of the most challenging and wide ranging disruption since we first established here over 20 years ago. The response of Czech centres has been recognized by global companies and media from Euronews, Financial Times and many others.

We are rightly proud that our sector was able to establish almost 100% remote working, engage new digital technologies and increase both productivity and engagement during these most difficult times.

The projects awarded in 2020 reflect the industry’s high degree of flexibility and resilience to unexpected situations and crises.

Jonathan Appleton
Managing Director
ABSL Czech Republic

The best of the New Normal

The ABSL Diamonds Awards are given annually to innovative projects that move the business services industry forward and serve as inspiration for the sector and beyond.

  • Winning an ABSL Diamond in 2019 was industry recognition of ICON’s success as a provider of outsourced customer care services from the Czech Republic. The ABSL represents brands of the highest echelon, and the award helps cement ICON’s place amongst them.

    Maisey Bonito

    New Business Partner
    ICON Communication Centres
  • For us, winning ABSL Diamond Awards was a sign to our business stakeholders that we chose the right direction and to our developers that they did a great job in developing such an automation.

    Jaromír Staroba

    Prague Capability Center Director
    Anheuser-Busch InBev
  • As a B2B company and previously not quite known on the Czech labour market, winning ABSL Diamond Award helped us to gain more visibility. It’s was a great opportunity for benchmarking and networking. We also had an opportunity as a team to host an event and share more about the winning project.

    Eva Baťa

    Head of HR
    FNZ Group

Categories 2020

How did your teams ensure that business stayed on track despite Covid-19? How did you surprise and succeed your customer expectations?

This category focuses on rewarding an innovative initiative that had significantly improved customer satisfaction and contributed to deliver superior services.


  • Number of impacted customers
  • Engaged stakeholders
  • Client’s feedback and financial gains for the Clients
  • Innovativeness

How did your teams work across silos and integrate different functions to add great value for your clients this year?

This category aims to reward an innovative initiative that has delivered concrete solutions and achieved tangible enterprise results by adding end-to-end business value to its internal and external stakeholders.


  • Scope & timeline of the project
  • Tangible improvement to Client’s
  • Client’s feedback, references
  • Innovativeness

How has your centre used education and the opportunities of digital technology to engage and develop your people? What partnerships have you established with education providers to ensure people are engaged and developed in remote working and isolation?

A special award for a unique cooperation between an educational institution and company that has built brand awareness and enhanced the perception of business services sector among universities and student community.


  • Originality of the action
  • Scale (local, national, international)
  • Achieved results
  • Number of participants/stakeholders

Challenging times are often the incubators of innovation. How have your teams responded to the Covid-19 challenge and created new and exciting opportunities for the business and customers?

This category focuses on rewarding either a successful migration and delivery of advanced services or the development of an innovative solution that will path the ways for further growth of business services capabilities.


  • Successful scope extension
  • Impact on Global business
  • External recognition (media)
  • Innovativeness

In these remote working times, many centres have pursued even stronger branding and engagement with their employees. How have you realized digital and remote strategies to keep people connected, productive and aligned with your company values in the New Normal?

This category aims at rewarding projects designed to build a
compelling employer branding campaign or innovative strategies to boost people engagement.


  • Originality of the activity
  • Achieved results
  • Scope of the project
  • External recognition (media)

The world of work may never be quite the same post-Covid-19 and many centres are taking the lead with innovative work place changes and technologies to protect, support and engage their people. How have you handled the return to work and employed innovative new strategies to ensure business continuity and a new way of working for 2020 and beyond?

In this category, we will recognize new and innovative projects focused on unique, inspiring and energizing work environments and remote work strategies.


  • Innovativeness
  • Impact on Business
  • Employees Feedback
  • Success of Implementation

During these challenging times, many centres stepped forward to protect not only their own people but the vulnerable in society. How has your centre and people come together to provide assistance, support and innovations for the Czech community in Covid-19 times? What are you most proud of achieving for society and uniting your teams in a common Covid-19 cause?


  • Originality of the activity
  • Achieved results
  • Scope of the project
  • External recognition (media)


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