Academy workshops

Day 1 (Nov 13)

Experience Automation Anywhere / demo workshops /

During this workshop we will turn the future of automation into the present and showcase how to build, scale and operate your Digital Workforce with Automation Anywhere's brand new A2019.


During this workshop we will turn the future of RPA into the present and showcase how to build, scale and manage your Digital Workforce with Automation Anywhere's brand new A2019.

Can RPA accelerate collaboration between Business and Developers?

How can Business Users build Artificial Intelligence infused Automations?

And how do you even collaborate with Digital Workers?

Amongst a Live Demo of A2019, those Questions and other exciting aspects of Intelligent Automation will be covered through the eyes of Business, IT and Developers.

Jonas Knoll
Sales Engineer, BPO & Partner
Automation Anywhere
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IBM: Practical cases in RPA implementation

Learn from IBM experts the practical application of robotics process automation on real-life cases. Understand the benefits of RPA, implementation challenges and best-practice tips learned from project experience.

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Deloitte: Find your way to Planning 4.0 Hands-on modelling in Anaplan
Bring your laptop and get hands-on in Anaplan as model-building experts guide you through building a business model from scratch. Using your existing skills in tools such as Microsoft Excel, you will learn:
  • About idea of Connected Planning and it’s advantages to your process.
  • How you can reduce your planning processes from months and weeks to days and hours.
  • The many ways Anaplan can help you tackle planning and modelling challenges in your organization.
  • How to build a model with your own data to show your stakeholders exactly how Anaplan can address specific challenges and deliver real business value.
Workshop facilitators:
Jana Marková Senior Consultant Deloitte Dominika Štěrbáková Senior Consultant Deloitte Zuzana Koudelková Consultant Deloitte Šárka Křížková Consultant Deloitte Lukáš Šašek Consultant Deloitte
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The Hackett Institute: Digital GBS: Get your workforce ready

An interactive workshop looking at the skills required to succeed in this digital era, exploring the gaps that currently exist and ways for you to improve your people’s competencies.

Workshop facilitators:

Ben Harfield
Senior Director
The Hackett Institute

Sabine McGuin
The Hackett Institute
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Day 2 (Nov 14)

24 Services Group: Lego Serious Play innovation workshop

Discover LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® as an innovative method facilitating team efforts in finding novel solutions to real-life problems in real time. Experience model building and idea sharing in an open atmosphere where every team member adds value. Enjoy naturally built high level of commitment and engagement from all participants supporting successful implementation of their shared solution.

Join us in an innovation LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® workshop brought to you by 24 Services Group! In order to maximize your experience be so kind to book your attendance in advance. Thank you. Workshop facilitators:

Magda Kolínská
Managing Director
24 Services


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Coaching Systems: Preventing stress and burnout through coaching

Stress and burnout syndrome are often connected to the lack of meaning and decreased sense of fulfilment. Coaching can become a very useful tool for stress and burnout prevention if focused on finding one’s purpose and meaning of life.

Workshop facilitators:

Norbert Riethof
Coaching Systems
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Accenture: Salesforce can bring your SSC to the next level of maturity

Shared Service Centers can benefit from Salesforce offerings in several ways. You can increase efficiency of your operations, better know your internal or external customers, introduce new omnichannel external communication tools, improve internal communication but also motivate and retain your employees. The choice is yours.

Workshop facilitator:

Jan Malý
Danubia Salesforce Practice Group Lead


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GoodCall: Recruitment Academy Improve Your Hiring Success through Diversity Recruiting
The workshop is designed to raise the awareness for implicit bias as natural part of human perception. It shows and explains typical biases and provides examples from the recruitment industry. At the same time the workshop focuses on advantages of diversity within working teams based on real life examples, research and case studies.


  • What is unconscious bias?
  • Typical biases explained: gender, ethnic, racial, age, sexual orientation, physical disability, education background.
  • How does it inhibit diversity in hiring?
  • What are the advantages of diversity within working teams?
  • Recommenadtions and Practical Tips - How to avoid bias in recruitment process
Workshop facilitator:

Milan Novák
Co-founder and Executive Chairman
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Recruitment Academy: Why Your Personal and Employer Brand are the Secret to Hiring
This workshop will explore how a team leader, hiring manager, or department head can have 2-3x more success than your recruitment team in hiring talent. We will look at sourcing without HR and how working on your personal brand, even if the company doesn’t have a strong employer brand, can still bring major results.


  • Personal and Employer Branding: the secret to sourcing that doesn't require HR
  • Employer Branding and it's impact on recruitment
  • Personal brand trumps employer brand? Find out the truth
  • Want to hire more people, with higher engagement? Skip HR and do the basic sourcing yourself
Workshop facilitator:
Josef 'José' Kadlec Co-founder of GoodCall and CEO at Recruitment Academy GoodCall
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