13 -14 November 2019 | Brno

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Be unique. Be #diverse.

It is time to wave goodbye to uniformity and embrace the uniquness of each one of our team members. While diversity is the key to innovative teams and creative working environment, it also brings about new challenges.
Learn how to successfully embrace diversity from ambassadors eager to share experiences during the 6th Annual ABSL Conference. Get your tickets now.

Gender #diversity unleashing great talents

Gender stereotyping inevitably limits the potential of people. It is time to celebrate the crossing of boundaries between masculine and feminine career paths. And this way enable each individual to fully employ their potential. Learn about the struggles and successes of gender diversity from:

Putting PRIDE in business services

The line between work and life of the upcoming generations is increasingly disappearing. Therefore the company culture plays an essential role in keeping the employees satisfied. How to encourage an open company culture, in which each individual is respected? Learn more from LGBT ambassadors.

Business services innovating non-profit organizations

Global and local non-profit organizations are increasingly reaping the benefits of building business services capability. How are these different and what can they teach the commercial centres? Learn from the world’s biggest non-profit organization. .

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