Best Practices in Business Continuity Planning: Are you prepared for Covid-19?


With regards to the lockdown measures linked to the spreading of Covid-19 pandemic in the Czech Republic, we would like to share the best practices and provide support to all our members by tracking activities, summarizing data and turning digital into organising insightful webinars.

Survey Across ABSL Members: Measures & Best Practices.

ABSL has run a short survey across our members to find out how well prepared the centres are in putting into place various precautions that help to protect their employees as well as minimalize the impacts of the pandemic on their business operations. Below is a summary of measures taken-up and implemented by around ten major Czech business service centres.

Please note that whatever is stated below as examples and “best practices”, are not necessarily legal prescriptions or guidances for centres in matters of business continuity.

Please consult independently your legal and HR administration before you put into place any restrictions or measures with regards to the spreading of pandemic.

Measures our Member companies are taking linked to the Covid-19.

Health protection and hygiene:

  • Viricidal soaps in all restrooms, kitchens
  • More intense cleaning for common areas and disinfection (handles, handrails, etc.)
  • Thermometers in place
  • Face masks and respirators in place
  • Disinfection gels and surface disinfectants wipes for hardware
  • Installed internal hand disinfection stations for hand sanitation throughout the office
  • Post is not being delivered to the workplace floor

Internal Measures:

  • Regular updates on corporate intranet
  • Health advisor issued and placed in all rest rooms, kitchens + sent via internal communications
  • Updated guidelines on preventive measures sent to people managers
  • Standard recommendations given on how to behave in the airports and during flights
  • Business continuity plans to be reviewed with all OPS managers related to mass absenteeism
  • Business continuity plans to be plans tested client by client and ready, including long-term scenarios in place
  • Monitoring and being ready to execute BC scenarios
  • Activation of spare laptops for business continuity planning
  • BEF + Critical Resources to be identified to sign home office agreement in advance
  • Identification of parents, who will need to stay home with their children
  • Usage of personal devices (phones) to handle client calls
  • Daily headcount snapshot per engagement + BEF functions introduced

Direct Measures Implemented:

  • Home office given to all employees that are equipped with laptop and technology to work from home
  • Employees who are not on home office yet are advised to carry their laptop home every day
  • An employee returning back from a high-risk country must not enter any of company’s premises or personally meet with his/her colleagues during 14 day period
  • Employees should report return from international trips to HR prior going to the office
  • An employee returning from high-risk countries is recommended to stay at home and notify his/her supervisor
  • Regular updates with company doctor, doctor to decide on 14-day self quarantine or hospitalized
  • Managers are responsible for day-to-day reporting of employee in quarantine or hospitalized as well as those coming back from a high-risk country (home office)
  • Business trips to high-risk countries are strictly banned
  • Internal trainings cancelled and encouraged to be organised on digital platforms
  • Ban on organising meetings with more than 30 people
  • Ban on organising collective staff events, meetings and conferences or participate on similar events
  • Information centres are closed, all excursions and unnecessary visits to all premises of the company are prohibited
  • Access denied to premises to all people in self-quarantine issued by the doctor
  • All candidates with accepted offers and joining in upcoming weeks undergo screening regarding their travel anamnesis in past 14 days before joining
  • Joining of candidates directly coming from affected regions is postponed proactively

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We would like to thank to our ABSL Board Members for their contributions and support. We will be sharing more practices, advice and insights with you as situation progresses.
If you need any support or more information, please let us know.

Kind regards,
Helena, ABSL Board of Directors & ABSL Team




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