Business services in Prague grew by one fifth and by the end of the year will employ another 5 000 people


The business services sector in Prague reports a year-on-year growth of 20% and the same is expected for the next year. Prague business service centers currently employ 50 000 experts and plan to hire 5 000 more by the end of 2018. They aim to hire especially qualified people within the fields of finance, information technologies, logistics and human resources. The centers plan to hire part of this new workforce from abroad where they attract new talents through a number of projects. In Germany and the UK the centers reach the candidates through project Czech Your Talent, in France through a programme Czech Emploi.

Prague is still attractive for investors even with its higher costs compared to other regions within the Czech Republic. For example compared to Brno, Prague has up to 30% higher lease fees and 24% higher payroll costs. When compared to Ostrava the differences are even more striking. However, Prague offers an amazing infrastructure, a number of universities and a high quality of life. A big enticement for the investors is also the good supply of modern office spaces. Compared to other European cities such as Vienna, Warsaw or Budapest, Prague still offers a great quality and lower lease costs. This and even more was concluded based on the latest research by ABSL (pdf).

Learn more in the current press release (Czech only).

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