Business services sector in the Czech Republic grew by 19%, the biggest boom is visible in IT service


The business services sector continues to grow rapidly in the Czech Republic. The number of centers grew by 10 %, the number of employees of the whole segment by 19 %. More than 220 companies employ 89,000 people and generate 5% of the GDP of the Czech Republic. The latest market survey was presented by ABSL at its annual conference, which welcomed approx. 500 participants in Brno. “The survey showed two major trends. The first is the growth of expertise of most centers, the second the growth of IT specialization,”said Jonathan Appleton, director of the ABSL Association. Already 47 % of Czech business services centers provide IT services and 89 % increase the quality and expertise of the provided processes. “There is no longer simple transactional work In the Czech Republic, on the contrary, more and more skilled work and processes are situated here,” said Jonathan Appleton.

More information can be found in the latest press release.


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