Training & Development

Developing Talent Training & talent development Educated and skilled workforce of Czech business services The educated and skilled workforce is cited by the business services centres in the Czech Republic … Read more

Recruitment & Retention

Developing Talent Recruitment & retention in business services Recruiting talent into Czech business services Recommendation of employees Advertisement / job portals in CZ Social media “Leveraging technology capabilities will play … Read more

Foreign Talent

Developing Talent “EXPATISE” within business services in the czech republic Foreigners enabling a global reach of Czech business services centres The language capabilities present within the Czech Republic are cited … Read more

Workforce Diversity

Developing Talent Diverse & agile workforce Embracing new skills to deliver greater value and retain flexible workforce At the time of the ABSL Survey 2020 the structure of the employment … Read more

Digitalization & Automation

Tech-Driven Change Digitalization & automation driving transformation Traditionally, business services drive efficiency by processing large volumes of standardized work. This environment creates the opportunity for introducing large-scale digitization and new … Read more