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Enjoy our selection of expert session recordings from the #ABSLConference 2022.

The Big Bang: Emerging challenges and the future of business services in the Czech Republic

Panelists: Vladimír Dlouhý (Czech Chamber of Commerce), Jaromír Staroba (AB InBev), Adam Kiwalski (Siemens)

Latest trends and insights into Business Services in Czechia

Joe Appleton (ABSL), Jaromír Staroba (AB InBev)

Checkmate or Czech-made? The role of Czech Business Services in a multi-location future

Moderator: Elias van Herwaarden (Colliers) Panelists: Andrew Wrobel (Emerging Europe), Tereza De Bardi (Deloitte), David Böhm (Knorr Bremse)

Transformation strategies to building resilience. Centre Office operating model: how can GBS become the backbone of digital organisation?

Dorthe Keilberg (Deloitte Consulting Netherlands)

Future of Finance & ESG (and its implications for Global Business Services)

Ash Noah (CIMA)

Cyber Security: Protecting critical systems & Sensitive information

Moderator: Filip Horký
Panelists: Michal Merta (Accenture), Ondřej Nekovář (SPCSS), Viktor Timko (Commerzbank),
Special guest: Paula Januszkiewicz (CQURE)

Towards responsible sustainability: emerging trends and challenges in smart governance

Raúl García Rodríguez (Deloitte), Anne Marie Corsten (Carrier), Karla Pešek Mateo (Novartis)

Closing Remarks

Filip Horký, Jonathan Appleton (ABSL), Jaromír Staroba (ABInBev)
ABSL team & ABSL Board Members: František Havel, Roman Pavloušek, Adam Kiwalski, Iveta Chválová, Helle Juhl McDermott, Jan Nedělník, Jan Skoták, Ota Kulhánek

Diversity and Inclusion in Czech business environment

Krystof Stupka (UN Youth Delegate of the Czech Republic)

Panel Debate: Danger of Short-termism: ESG agenda as an opportunity

Moderator: Tereza De Bardi (Deloitte)
Panelists: Martin Janáček (SAP Labs), Eva Nykodymová (Skanska), Ondřej Hlavička (Edwards Lifesciences)

Achieving Digital World Class GBS performance​

Martijn Geerling (The Hackett Group)



  • What is the future of the Business Services Sector in Czechia & Beyond?
  • What value does collaboration with ABSL bring to you?
  • Why is ABSL Conference unique?

Find out from the leaders of the Industry.  Filip Horký & ABSL are bringing you insightful interviews from the #ABSLConference 2022.


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