10-12 November 2020 | Online

Discover emerging trends shaping the future of Global Business Services.

The ‚New Normal‘ is completely changing life as we know it. But how best can you prepare and adapt to the fast-changing business environment?

Just within two months, the ABSL Digital Conference has received over 600 registrations and proudly welcomes more and more global experts on board. Who are the stars you can look forward to?

Among many that you will be soon introduced to, look forward to being guided by The Hackett Group‚s top experts sharing their broad knowledge and experience in digital transformation, talent management as well as the world-class 
global centres development. 

 Transforming GBS in the  ‚New Normal‘.

This year’s changes have forced and influenced organisations and businesses to re-think the way they work.

Tom Bangemann, Senior Vice President Business Transformation, will uncover during his Key-Note presentation the emerging trends in global business services and how best to adapt to the ‚New Normal‘.

 Importance of continuous process improvement.

How can process and continuous improvement be applied at work or life, and what can you do to make a real difference? 

Penny Weller, Senior Director & Operations Leader will talk about the real process improvement that can make a change not only in life and organisations.

 What is the future of education?

Constant learning, people development and reskilling are key for success in today’s rapidly changing world.
Learn the best digital strategies for education, the future of performance management and more from Ben Hartfield, Senior Director of The Hackett Institute.

 Smart automation in digital transformation.

How to approach digital choices today? Paul Morrison, Global Lead of RPA & Smart Automation will introduce you best practices in making an impact with emerging technology.

What is the importance of digital solutions and how best to implement them? 

Register for the ABSL Digital Conference and explore the best digital strategies, approaches and trends that are crucial for your business and employees in today’s rapidly changing world.

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