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HR Club: Hybrid and Diverse Workforce

27 února 2018 | 14:00 - 17:00

The structure of workforce is undergoing an unprecedented change, which is gaining a momentum. For example, it is predicted that by 2025 one third of workers will be independent contractors.

Learn how to identify and work with the emerging  Hybrid and Diverse Workforce during this year´s first HR Club held in Brno. 

What can you look forward to?

Experts from Deloitte, Randstad and will draw on international research and discuss with you what changes to expect and how to prepare (including a T&L perspective). 

The trends include a growing importance of:

    • Crowdsourcing
    • Global mobility
    • Demand for employees 50 +
    • Robotics Process Automation

    • And much more…

HR experts need to think ahead and keep all these trends in mind. Workforce evolution is here, get ready now!


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27 února 2018
14:00 - 17:00
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Palachovo nám. 4
Brno, 625 00 Czech Republic
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