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Smart Digital Transformation in Finance

Johnson & Johnson Walterovo Náměstí 329/1, Praha 5

Join ABSL for the next live session to find out more on how other centres develop and deploy smart and advanced technologies in AI to boost their efficiency in non-PO ... Read more

Beach Volleyball Tournament

Sportcentrum Koráb Krejčího 2377, Praha 8-Libeň

These times of uncertainty call for your team to come together. Boost your team spirit during the first-ever ABSL Beach Volleyball Tournament 2022 on June 10th.Get together a team of 8 colleagues to ... Read more

Annual Golf Tournament 2022

Golf Club Líšnice Mníšek pod Brdy 1155, Mníšek pod Brdy

We are delighted to invite you to the Annual Golf Tournament that we traditionally organise in cooperation with ACCA. Join us for this lovely summer afternoon with golf tournament, organised lessons, networking ... Read more

Resilience and Energy Management Workshop

ARE YOU READY TO EXPERIENCE COMFORT IN DISCOMFORT? Register for a unique Resilience and Energy Management Workshop, organized by ABSL Academy together with Ota Kulhánek, president of ABSL and a ... Read more

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