The growth of Czech Business Services continues: Envista


Envista is one of the companies that newly opened their business services centre in Prague.

Envista is a major supplier of cutting-edge products, solutions and technologies for dentists and orthodontists.

Prague is a thriving center of business for many global companies looking for a European hub. Envista selected Prague to base our center of excellence because of its central location in Europe, thriving, metropolis city life, and cross-cultural inclusive nature.

Our Prague Center was created to unite certain teams currently separated across European countries and regions to better serve our customers. The employees at this site will be at the heart of our Envista European businesses; dedicated to partner with professionals to improve lives.

Our Prague based team members are helping us to achieve this goal. Diversity, inclusivity, and equality are at the core of what make our culture and teams so successful. Supported by our renowned business system, we are committed to developing world-class professionals at every level of the organization.

By equipping our employees with the best training, teams, and opportunities, we ensure they are empowered, equipped, and accountable for their commitments.

Our team continues to grow and more information on current open vacancies can be found at

Learn more about Envista at


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