Deloitte, JLL and Randstad have become strategic partners to ABSL


The ABSL Association has signed a partnership agreement with strategic partners for the 2017-2018 period. The goal of partnership with JLL, Randstad and Deloitte is to develop the business services sector in the Czech Republic and to support all ABSL members. JLL will provide consultancy in the field of analyses of the office market, searching for office space and design of working environments, Randstad will provide services in the field of human resources and recruitment and Deloitte in the field of business and technology consulting and processes.

“The business services sector in the Czech Republic is growing dynamically and our task is to ensure that companies carrying out business in this sector have the best conditions,” said Jonathan Appleton, Director of ABSL, adding: We provide professional consultancy on the opportunities on the local real estate market, the availability and qualifications of human resources and in the field of legislative and procedural issues, to new investors coming to the Czech Republic with the goal of establishing and running their business services centre here.”


The business services sector is growing very quickly and the entire sector is forced to come to terms with a number of challenges and threats. Whether this concerns the insufficient flexibility of the labour market, the complicated process of recruiting foreign citizens, high levies for employees, insufficient professional training of university graduates, or the lack of premium office space in regions outside Prague and Brno, the new strategic partners want to offer their solutions and enable the segment’s smooth expansion in cooperation with ABSL.


“During the oncoming period we would like to continue our collaboration on surveys of the requirements of employees of the business services sector and work with the councils of major Czech towns and cities to prepare materials promoting specific localities and informing parties potentially interested in establishing centres about local conditions. With regard to the sector’s rapid development we would also like to help individual ABSL members in our fields of expertise – in creation of a modern and high-quality working environment and assurance of suitable areas for their activities,“ said Petr Kareš, head of the Department of Services for Tenants at JLL.


The business services sector is based on people. There are currently 75 thousand people working in this sector in the Czech Republic and another 25 thousand at least should start work in this sector by 2020. Companies are starting to become highly competitive in the field of human resources due to the currently low unemployment rate. The new strategic partner for this area, the international Randstad Company, wishes to help assure a sufficient number of qualified employees from South and South-East European countries, where there is currently a high degree of unemployment and people are motivated to seek work over the border. “We are very proud to become ABSL’s HR strategic partner and we are pleased that its vision for development of the business services sector aligns with the strategy Randstad wishes to use to influence the job market in the Czech Republic,” says Hana Púllová, Director of the Randstad agency. “Our objective is to unequivocally support member companies in their constant growth. Thanks to our international background and experience with major players in this sector, we desire and are able to help member companies not only with seeking out talents, but also with passing on know-how and sharing experience in how to work with talents and how to retain them.”


The Deloitte Company’s support and collaboration will concern people and also company processes:


“Recruitment of high-quality employees, keeping these with the company, optimisation of business services centres or assurance of the Czech Republic’s correct position on a global scale from the aspect of the location of centres, all these, along with the ability to respond to the requirements of the young generation, are fundamental topics,” says Milan Kulhánek, director of the Business Services Department at Deloitte, and he adds, “Our role, in partnership with the ABSL, will be support of these areas, which professionals from Deloitte specialising in business, tax and legal consultancy, will provide using solutions such as strategic HR, HR analysis or automation using robots (Robotics Process Automation).”




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