Demand for internships dwindles, however, demand for temporary jobs during school year is large


The demand for temporary jobs within business services is growing and not only during summer holidays. Instead of internships, which are not sufficiently supported by Czech schools, the students search for work experience through temporary jobs. According to ABSL, which unites the business services centres in the Czech Repubic, the year-on-year demand from students for temporary jobs grew by more than ten percent and in many cases exceeds the temporay jobs offered. “We are delighted by the demand of students for work experience within the business services. Our sector is quickly developing and maturing. New job roles associated with new technologies and new processes appear quickly. We welcome the demand, because the students can try working within our field and then better understand what to focus on during their studies in order to be well prepared for the career within business services,” says Jonathan Appleton, Managing Director of ABSL, while adding that during the temporary jobs the students can earn 120 – 250 CZK per hour depending on the job and their language skills.

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