Dog friendly office, relaxation zone, home office: the fight for employees has begun in the field of business services


Companies active in the field of business services are now seeking thousands of employees, which is why employers frequently increase salaries and also re-evaluate non-monetary benefits. They also fight for employees by assuring special conditions. This is the result of the salary survey from Grafton Recruitment and of a survey by the ABSL Association among individual companies from the business services sector.

Candidates are most frequently sought for positions such as helpdesk employee and specialist in network technologies, system support or virtualisation. Specialists in customer care, HR managers and administrators, recruitment, evaluation or benefit managers, accountants, financial analysts, buyers or logisticians, will also find employment in this segment.

However, a good salary and benefits are not enough for successful recruitment today. Companies must engage the interest of candidates at the time they contact them. A survey by ABSL indicated that 90% of companies in this segment realise brand marketing campaigns for the purpose of recruitment. Over half of respondents use outdoor advertising or radio and 40% also carry out paid campaigns on Facebook. Job fairs and naturally LinkedIn are also very popular tools. All these activities pursue a single goal, which is to increase brand awareness and portray the company as a good employer. “People today are no longer only interested in how much they earn, but also in prestige, meaning which company they work for,” Jonathan Appleton comments.

You can read what salary and non-monetary benefits employees can expect in the newest press release.


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