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ABSL Academy webinar: Analytics for Business Services

13 September 2017 | 14:00 - 15:00


The business services sector is always looking for improvements in efficiency and performance. Luckily enough, the majority of the sector is heavily transactional. And transactional means there is plenty of data available.

Analyse the data to unlock further potential for your business.

During the webinar, we will showcase three examples of analytics use cases tailored to the business services sector.


What can you look forward to?

A short yet information-dense webinar which will walk you through the following scenarios:

Process X-Ray – How much does the reality differ from the described process path? Use system data to visualise the actual process flow.

Payables Analytics – Add value to your accounts payable service by preventing overpayments or potential fraud.

HR Analytics – Talent is the bottleneck of business services growth. Use advanced analytics to identify employees that are likely to leave, learn why and retain them.


Who will share their expertise with you?

Veronika Počerová – Manager in Deloitte Advanced Analytics

Gabriela Tvrdikova – Senior Manager in Deloitte Data Analytics

Laurel Rigsbee – Senior Consultant in Deloitte Data Analytics


Who from your company should join?

  Site Leads

  HR representatives

  P2P Process Leads

  Directors, Managers

  Process Managers


Feel free to invite as many of your colleagues or employees as needed to get a real grip on the data analytics within your business.



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13 September 2017
14:00 - 15:00
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