Foreginers working in the Czech Republic within business services are increasingly interested in learning Czech


According to the research conducted by ABSL, Association of Business Services Leaders in the Czech Republic, a number of employers within the business services offer Czech classes as an employee benefit. However, the demand for the classes is often larger than the capacity available. “The foreigners usually do not need Czech for the conduct of their work, but nevertheless we see that they increasingly want to know at least Czech basics in order to be able to navigate within the country, they live in,” says Jonathan Appleton, Managing Director of ABSL. According to Radka Bellissimo, Director of business services centre of Newell Brands EMEA, the foreigners welcome the opportunity to learn Czech also because of easier communication with the local authorities: “This way we want to help our international employees to live within the country. Our goal is to help them enjoy life here and motivate them to stay here for as long as possible.

The demand for the Czech classes comes especically from the younger generation, university graudates who are gaining here work experience and who are also interested in broadening their language capabilities. Many candidates are also motivated by personal reasons, such as having a Czech-speaking partner or spouse. You can find more information in the latest press release (in Czech only).


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