Graduates of the year 2020

Looking back at the fusion leader 2020...

The Fusion Leader programme of the year 2020 was truly unique. In January we met for the first time to kick the programme off. And due to the COVID-19 outbreak also for the last time. The rest of the meet-ups took place online, which trained us in new digital skills and remote team work.

The participants spent their year working on group projects under the guidance of coaches from Coaching Systems, ABSL and a group of experts. At the same time, they received an online training provided by the Hackett Institute and certified by a Diploma in GBS.

In November, during the ABSL Digital Conference, the participants presented their final projects to the wide audience of the conference delegates who have then selected the winning team.

Fusion Leader 2020 was completed by 23 graduates from 15 companies. Congratulations to all for such a great achievement! Get to know the group projects and the graduates below.

ABSL Fusion Leader

A unique tailored Leadership Development Programme created by business services experts for experienced business services leaders. The 1-year programme is one of its kind in the CEE and it is open exclusively for Czech ABSL member network.
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Get to know the group projects

Group 1: Skill-set of the future

Project “Skill-set of the future” is exploring what are going to be the critical skills & competencies that will be key for success for the future in GBS environment.

Team members:

Group 2: Environmental Practices

This project inspires companies to act responsibly though leveraging sustainable practices, stimulating environmental awareness and green initiatives.

Team members:

Group 3: How to survive robocracy

This project focuses on key competencies mandatory for Managers in the near future, to “survive” the area of robotics and digitalization.

Team members:

WINNER: Group 4: How to stay relevant for GBS in the future

The winning project “How to stay relevant for GBS in the future” discuss age diversity & shared corporate social responsibility in the GBS sector.

Team members:

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