Graduates of the year 2021

ABSL Fusion Leader is a unique tailored Leadership Development Programme created by business services experts for experienced business services leaders. The 1-year programme is one of its kind in the CEE and it is open exclusively for Czech ABSL member network. Learn more here.

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ABSL Diamond Award Winner 💎
Post-Covid Flexible Working Office – Best Practices

What is the purpose of the office? How to motivate employees to return to the office? How to manage the office utilization on a daily basis? These are the most resonating topics of today among the ABSL members.

In collaboration with ABSL members we collected the best practices in areas of office layout, technology, people management and change management. Our goal was to create a simple guide, highlighting the relevant aspects, to be considered when shaping the flexible office space after Covid.

Team members:

“Bluebook” – New Way of Working

Aspects of traditional office based work typical for Business Services are probably impacted the most by the changes resulting from post-pandemic transformation to hybrid model of working. We collected best practices from our own companies, researched expert knowledge resources and compiled it all together in a short booklet full of practical recommendations. During the session we will introduce the key chapters and go through our companies’ lessons learned and recommendations presented by our center leaders.

Team members:

Open Forum for Newcomers to the Business Services Industry

We focused on creating a structured platform or gathering place, focused on new joiners and junior employees below managerial level working in the Business services Industry, that can serve as help in their initial steps, as well as a platform to get them ready for future requirements and professional development.

Team members:

Innovations and how to keep them alive

We are surrounded by a drive to innovate, yet do we know how to define them and drive them forward? We worked on a set of recomendations for managemet.

Team members:

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