Interest in job fairs returns after moving to the online environment


ABSL has organized online career days for business services. The Business Services Showcase pilot project will become a tradition.

The Internet became the dominant tool in job search before the pandemic broke out. Whereas previously it served only as a source of information, now it also allows employers to interact with candidates, as was previously possible at job fairs. Interest in these job fairs has declined in recent years, but their move to the online environment has restored their popularity. ABSL association has decided to connect companies and job seekers in the online world through the Business Services Showcase project. Thirty business service centers presented their job opportunities, corporate culture, and projects in one-hour interactive meetings with those interested in a career in business services, and gained 200 employees.

According to a survey by Grafton Recruitment, 74 % of job seekers are looking for work on the internet, but in recent years only 6 % of job seekers have used job fairs. Combining these two tools into one has proven to be the right way for companies and also for those interested in a career in business services.

“The original idea was to connect the employees of a company leaving the Czech market with similar employers in the sector and offer them an alternative and a smooth transition to a new job. For great success, we decided to continue with the event in the future and expand it to the general public,” says Helena Tabakovová, project manager of the ABSL association, which brings together business, customer, and IT service centers in the Czech Republic.

Interactive online meetings and workshops, which lasted for 2 weeks, focused on the presentation of the activities of individual employers, their corporate culture, benefits, development programs, and job offers with a focus on finance. Participants were interested in working conditions, opportunities to work from home, and opportunities for further career growth. The creativity of the centers was great and the present employees were also involved in the presentations. They talked about the experience in the company and the company life and atmosphere in the teams and the workplace.

“The event showed how earlier forms of recruitment and presentation can be made more modern and efficient. During the lockdown, the centers became experienced recruiters who can attract potential candidates remotely, safely and efficiently and ensure their recruitment even without intermediaries,” adds Helena Tabakovová, adding that the field of business services is growing despite the pandemic and plans to create 10,000 new jobs this year alone. places. Because up to half of them will target foreigners, the online fair is a very effective tool.

According to a CNBC survey, career experts estimate that up to 80 % of recruitment activities will only be in virtual form for the foreseeable future. The main advantages of such a virtual job fair include speeding up the entire recruitment process, eliminating travel costs, securing safety and also saving time.

“The number of attendances across the full 3 weeks is incredible – an average 50 people per 30 events means 1500 attendees across all showcase and over 30 hours of company promotions. A real life version would take far longer for all involved and digital means its all achieved remotely, safely and efficiently,” said Helena Tabakovová.


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