10-12 November 2020 | Online

Is this the death of distance?

The pandemic has globally accelerated the move to remote working. Within this interconnected ‘New Normal’ the barrier of distance is increasingly breaking down.

What new opportunities does this bring? And what impact does remote working have on employees’ engagement?

Explore these topics and more at the ABSL Digital Conference with expert speakers such as:

Death of Distance 3.0. In the ‘New Normal’,
26% of centres report higher numbers of foreign applicants for open positions. Does remote work really pave the way to accessing previously untapped talent pools? Elias van Herwaarden, Founder of Locationperspectives will lead a panel debate on the distant talent pools topic, remote work or the impact on
the war for talent.

Accelerating transformation through Change Management. The global pandemic has forced businesses to quickly adapt to the rapid acceleration of digitalization. Andrea Hepnerova, Managing Partner at Lee Hecht Harrison will uncover change management as the key to successful digital

Employer branding in times of coronavirus. Blake Wittman, European Business Director together with Milan Novák, Group CEO at GoodCall will reveal the best practices in building a strong brand in uncertain times. Get inspired by the market  experts and Employer Branding Awards winners.

Employees’ engagement. In the ‘New Normal’ 82% of employees work from home for at least half of their time. Lucie Čechová, Business Manager at Microsoft will explore and share insights on how to keep employees engaged, motivated and productive, which is a crucial driver of
company’s real success.

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