Michael Londesborough

Michael Londesborough is a researcher at the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, Czech Academy of Sciences (CAS) and Unipetrol brand ambassador. Previously, he was a consultant for Semequip Inc., an ion implantation material development company. In 2015, he published the invention of the first boron hydride laser. He collaborates on science popularization projects with the British Council and Czech Television . He is chairman of his CAS Institute’s Council, author of 50 professional publications, co-author of two books about boron hydride chemistry and their application in modern technologies and the co-owner of one international patent. He is a multiple winner of the Best Young Chemist competition, winner of the Cryptur award and laureate of the Vojtìch Náprstek Medal for his contribution to science popularization. Michael has a doctorate from the British University of Leeds.

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