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ABSL Report 2021

Developing Talent

"EXPATISE" within business services in the czech republic

Foreigners enabling a global reach of Czech business services centres

The language capabilities present within the Czech Republic are cited by the surveyed centres as one of the reasons to establish a centre location in this region. Together with the language-proficient locals, foreigners providing their “expatise” are the backbone of the Czech business services expansion and their share within the sector is constantly growing.


of the sector workforce are foreigners
10% increase over the last 2 years


employees within the sector are expats
10,000 more than in 2019


of foreigners in the business services centres come from other EU countries

Languages used in Czech business services centres

The vast majority of the people employed within the business services in the Czech Republic deliver services in English. These account for more than 100,000 people working within the sector. The second largest group are 21,000 employees delivering services in Czech, which shows that the centres provide services not only to foreign countries but also within the Czech Republic.

English, German, Czech and French are the most commonly used languages in the Czech business services centres.


average number of languages used per centre


total number of languages used in Czech business services


of centres deliver services in German, the most commonly used language after English


employees within the sector deliver services in German

How do business services centres in the Czech Republic attract and keep foreign talent?

As the need for highly skilled talent is becoming a major challenge in all developed markets, centers are focusing on the pull strategy to demonstrate local talent capabilities. At the same time, candidates need to understand company purpose, culture, and leadership style, as well as how their own contribution will fit with the company goals.

To compete with attractive employers on the Czech talent market, centers need to promote the industry and their own brands, ensuring a positive experience of the talent attracted. Leveraging technology capabilities will play a critical part in future recruitment, making it
more effective. Technology will enable recruiters to conduct proactive strategic hiring rather than spend most of their time with reactive backfilling.

Impact of COVID-19 on recruiting foreigners


of centres report an increase in number of foreign applicants for open positions


of centres report no increase or reduction in the attrition of foreign employees

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