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Recruiting talent into Czech business services

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“Leveraging technology capabilities will play a critical part in future recruitment to make it more effective. Technology will enable recruiters to conduct proactive strategic hiring rather than spend most of their time with reactive backfilling. Recruiters will have more time to spend with candidates in person to build relationships and help determine culture fit.”

A Leader’s Vision for Business Services in Digital Era

10 weeks

average recruitment lead time in Czech business services in 2020

Over the last few years, the average recruitment lead time has been steadily increasing. However, the centres indicate that in 2020 this trend has reversed and it took them shorter time to find new talent than in the previous year. In the ABSL Survey 2020 the recruitment lead time was defined as from the first interaction with a candidate until the signing of a contract.

Searching for talent nearby

Compared to the previous year, the Czech centres have focused their recruitment activities on the Czech Republic. Apart from the recruitment of senior staff from Eastern Europe, which increased by 10% in 2020, the share of centres recruiting from abroad regions decreased. This was most notable on the share of centres recruiting from Asia Pacific, which decreased by 19% compared to 2019. Such trend can be explained by the COVID-19 pandemic, which largely hampered travel.


of centres actively recruit talents abroad
-9% compared to 2019


of centres recruit their senior managers in the Czech Republic
+6% compared to 2019


of centres recruit senior management in the Eastern Europe (excl. CZ)
+10% compared to 2019


of centres recruit in the Asia Pacific
-19% compared to 2019

Retaining talent in Czech business services

3 years & 2 months

average retention in Czech business services centres


average attrition in Czech business services in 2020
more than 6% lower than in 2019


of centres focus on developing strong company culture to improve retention
+18% compared to 2019


average salary increase in Czech business services in 2020

“Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, attrition within our sector has decreased because employees appreciate the stability we offer. Due to the growth and the development of the business services new talents have a very good opportunity to find an exciting employment within this vibrant sector.”

Jonathan Appleton
Managing Director
ABSL Czech Republic

Compared to the previous year the centres report higher focus on developing a strong company culture, multi-function opportunities and offering performance-based pay.


of centres report similar or higher retention in their Czech centres compared to other centre locations of the company

Winner 2020 in category Employer Branding & People Engagement
ABSL Diamonds Winner

In the Employer Branding and People Engagement category was awarded Zebra Technologies, which takes care of financial and marketing processes, customer and technical support and order and contract processing for the world’s leading supplier of technologies and solutions in the field of barcode readers and printers, RFID or mobile computers. The company organized a large campaign promoting the employer brand of Zebra Technologies and motivating employees using both global and local elements. In addition to promoting new offices in the center of Brno reflecting the current needs of employees and measures against the spread of COVID-19, the company organized also a traditional global Talent Untethered Week, which was moved to a virtual environment due to the ongoing pandemic. All 7,000 employees of the company were able to participate in interactive workshops and courses through the online platform ZEN (Zebra Education Network) and the whole event received twice the participation and a better response than in the previous years, during which it took place in the form of physical courses. The Zebra bikes project was also a great success, as part of which all residents or visitors of Brno can borrow a bike from the Nextbike bike-sharing operator for free for 15 minutes at any time. The idea arose from the fact that many people were concerned about using public transport due to the spread of the coronavirus. In the first 3 months alone, since the start of this project in June 2020, Zebra employees saved as much as 1 ton of CO2.

Employee benefits within business services centres in the Czech Republic


of centres offer the possibility of home office to all of their employees
+16% compared to 2019


of centres recruit senior management in the Eastern Europe (excl. CZ)
+10% compared to 2019

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