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Size & Growth of business services in the czech republic

Distribution of business services centres

Prague, Brno and Ostrava continue to serve as the main hubs of business services in the Czech Republic with more than 12,000 employees in each region.

Overview of business services centres in the Czech Republic

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Source: ABSL’s own study 2020

Size of the business services sector in the Czech Republic


Total number of employees in 2021


Expected number of employees in 2025


Number of business services centres

“Our forecast prediction is that by 2025 our sector will be approaching 180 000 employees making us the largest sector of the Czech economy, far greater than the auto industry or the combined engineering industries as the Czech Republic moves to a truly digital global service environment.”

Jonathan Appleton
Managing Director
ABSL Czech Republic
Growth and Expansion of the business services sector

In 2020, the business services sector in the Czech Republic grew at a rate of 5%. Its double-digit growth has been slowed by the spring period of uncertainty across the world economy due to COVID-19. Even so, more than half of the centers report growth, and a third did not increase or decrease the number of employees.

For 2021, 58% of Czech centers predict further expansion, and new investors are expected to arrive. Despite the COVID-19 slowdown in the economy, several new centers are planned to open in Prague, Brno and Ostrava. In total, they will create 10,000 new jobs.


Employment growth in 2020


Pre-COVID-19 prediction of the employment growth in 2021


Post-COVID-19 prediction of the employment growth in 2021

Winners 2020 in category Business Innovation
ABSL Diamonds Winner

In the Business Innovation categoryNEORIS Czech Republic and CEMEX were awarded for their comprehensive CEMEX Go digital transformation project, the goals of which included improving the customer experience. The project is not only about optimizing and digitizing the business processes, but also about transforming business models, organizational roles, and the overall way of operation of the traditional producer of building materials – CEMEX. CEMEX Go, developed by a team from the Czech Republic and Mexico, is now available in 21 countries and processes more than 55% of all CEMEX sales worldwide, representing more than 1.5 million deliveries per year. The popularity of the solution grew significantly during the anti-COVID-19 measures as the 100% paperless agenda and digital signatures allowed customers to handle their orders electronically, even via their smartphone.

Centres’ plans and visions for the next 2 years

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, 53% of the surveyed centres plan to expand within the next 2 years mainly due to performing new activities and obtaining new customers. Compared to the previous years, the centres also plan to increasingly focus on stabilization and optimization of their current activities.


of centres plan to expand or stabilize their activities in the next 2 years

What will be driving the expansion in the centres that plan to expand their operations in the next 2 years?

New activities
New customers
New regions

Source: ABSL Survey 2020

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