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ABSL Report 2021

Developing Talent

Diverse & agile workforce

Embracing new skills to deliver greater value and retain flexible workforce

At the time of the ABSL Survey 2020 the structure of the employment reported by the surveyed centres reflected the trend of the previous years with 88% of the workforce consisting of full-time employees. However, the centres report that this is about to change. The share of the flexible workforce is about to significantly increase in the next 12 months while full time workers and the share of agency staff are about to be reduced. This increased focus on job flexibility has been emphasized by the turbulent year 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic, which encouraged many centres to rethink workforce arrangements.


flexible workers in the sector


flexible job roles in the sector

In the next 12 months...


of centres plan to increase their share of part time employees


of centres plan to increase their share of freelancers

The highest share of flexible workers operates within HR and Customer Operations.

Contract types of the business services workforce


of people working in business services have unlimited term contracts

Only 9% of the business services workforce work under fixed term contracts, which shows that the sector provides a stable and reliable employment to the vast majority of its workforce.

The highest share of fixed term contracts is reported within Supply Chain Management and HR process categories.

Diversity in the Czech business services centres

35 years

the average employee age


of employees are millennials

Women represent a majority of the workforce in Czech business services. In 2020, their share in senior management has increased from 37% in 2019 and 2018 to 41%.

in senior management
Helping where it matters via volunteering and charity programs


of the centres have programs focused on environmentally friendly activities
13% increase over the last 2 years

Compared to the previous years there has been an overall increase in the share of the surveyed centres with volunteering / charity programs.

Winner 2020 in category Community and Citizen Support
ABSL Diamonds Winner

In the Community and Citizen Support category, SAP received an award for its Meet and Code initiative, which hosts educational and inspirational events for children and young people across Europe to teach them about technologies and help them acquire the digital skills needed for the future. The initiative also aims to support non-profit organizations dedicated to education and awareness in this area. SAP in the Czech Republic is developing the initiative not only in the form of grants, but also by preparing educational content and involving volunteers who are engaged in both organizational and educational activities. In 2019 alone, over 80 workshops were organized for 2,246 young people. Fifty of them were supported by a grant awarded in total to 37 schools and non-profit organizations. The other workshops were organized during the Month of volunteering by SAP employees. From the company’s Prague and Brno offices 54 trainers took part in the activities training 564 students. In 2020, due to the ongoing pandemic all activities took place online but the number of workshops and students is at a similar level.

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