10-12 November 2020 | Online

The best guide for your decision making

Uncover the Future Now as seen by 25 business services leaders

As a business leader and a professional you likely need to make many strong decisions and plans. Now you may be thinking:

“How am I supposed to plan in this time of uncertainty?”
“What information can I really trust to justify my decisions?”

Whether you need to create a global business strategy, talent development plans, budgets or recruiting processes, here is a guide that will help you.

A Leaders' Vision of Business Services

For the past 6 months, a group of 25 business services leaders has been working on a key project led by ABSL and McKinsey & Company experts – A Leaders’ Vision of Business Services.

This publication will help you make strategic decisions, because it uncovers the trends and changes as seen by 25 decision-makers including:

  • Expanding beyond transactional services
  • Digiskills of the ‘new normal’
  • Becoming thought partners
  • Remote leadership
  • Tech-driven change
  • Agile workforce

Make sure to join the ABSL Digital Conference (10-12 Nov), during which we will launch and explore the Leaders’ Vision. The conference will be your opportunity to learn how to apply the findings to your business decisions.

Why is this such an essential publication for your decision-making?

Because you can trust it. The findings reflect the vision of 25 leaders including center heads, McKinsey & Company local and global experts and independent ABSL management, as well as the latest data mapping the ‘new normal’.

Companies formulating the Leaders' Vision

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