10-12 November 2020 | Online

The end of the office as you know it?

The ‘New Normal’ is fundamentally changing the way we think of workplace.

Is this the end of the office as you know it?
No...and yes. Here is why:

As the latest Colliers Post-Covid Workplace Report shows, 67% of people want to work from the office at least 3 days a week. Even in the post-COVID era. Offices are still essential places of collaboration, meetings and work-life balance.

However, the role of the workplace is changing. Dramatically. How? What does it mean for your teams?

Workplace advisory experts from Colliers International will bring you latest market research and more insights into the emerging global trends of workplace arrangements  in this new era during the ABSL Digital Conference. Make sure to register.

Enter the safe & connected workplace of the 'New Normal'

This transformation of the workplace brings a great opportunity: Make the office truly connect people in a safe and healthy environment. How can technology help you achieve this?

Skanska has been pioneering office design with seamless and contactless employee experience. Buildings that collect real-time data and enable transformation into the ‘New Normal’.
Get a preview of the workplace of the future from Skanska innovation experts and architects.

Make sure to join the ABSL Digital Conference to explore insights on redesigning fit-outs and office space to adapt to the new needs of companies that are facing dramatic changes related to remote working strategies and people management.  

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