13 -14 November 2019 | Brno

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The era of #disruptive strategies

It's in the very nature of Czech Business service centres to be at the heart of global disruption. Why? Because they drive innovation across their global clients, change the life and work of thousands of people and bring growth to global businesses. In unprecedented ways.

During this year's 6th Annual ABSL Conference some of the best innovators will uncover to you their keys to success of transformative projects. Get your tickets now.

#disrupting global delivery models & supply chain

Global experts will guide you through their real-life case studies, which boosted supply chain efficiency and client value resulting in staggering top and bottom line growth.
Taking the stage are:

#disrupting the talent market

Are you are looking for people? Good people with great tech or language skills? Then you probably know that disruptive recruitment and workforce planning strategies are becoming a must. Get your recruitment expert a ticket to come and gather inspiration from pioneers within this field.

Technology #disrupting our future

Do you know what is coming? How our lives, careers and the world are about to change? The progress is accelerating at an unprecedented speed.

Meet those, who gaze ahead and are ready to share with you their vision of our near future.

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