13 -14 November 2019 | Brno

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The Future of Work: Line-up

What will our jobs be like in 5 years time? Are you ready to step into the world of disruption and tech-driven environment? What will the future career look like and how to get ready?

A line-up of expert speakers from business services and beyond are ready to share their visions. All within this free session for students and the public, part of the conference The Future in 4D.

November 13
Courtyard by Marriott

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Hana Půllová: Future of work – How to work with ease


Let’s have a job where we deliver results with ease, a job we love and a job which we find fulfilling. A job where no robot can replace us.
Oumaima Boussouab: Digital future of work – about time!

Deutsche Telekom Services Europe Czech Republic CZ

Digital Age is changing our world into a more connected and global place. Find out how the intelligent technology and omnipresent people-tech interactions make business centers re-shape work life.
Aleš Baránek: Managing projects in the virtual era

KBC Group NV

Virtual collaboration and coordination, Adaptability and Unlearning, Cognitive flexibility, Overload Management, Problem solving are some of the future key competences we have to develop. Come and learn about it.
Niels Verschatse: Data analysis: a future-proof career

Zebra Technologies

The number 1 emerging job for 2022 according to the World Economic Forum is “Data Analysts and Scientist”. In 2019, the role is often shrouded in misconceptions and unrealistic expectations.
Jiří Benedikt: Adaptive creative problem-solver

Future skills trainer and strategist

“Adaptive creative problem-solver” might be the only job description of the future. How can you adapt to this? And what to expect at work in the next 10 to 20 years?
Cristina Muntean: Personal Branding: The Ultimate Empowerment Tool

Mentor, consultant and trainer of personal branding

In times of total transformation there is one source of power that we often ignore: our personal communication. Take your power back by learning to communicate consciously and building yourself a remarkable personal brand.
Michael Londesborough: The Future of Technology belongs to Circular Thinkers

Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Science evangelist

Our economies are in transition from a linear to circular model, evolving our concepts of material-use, product ownership, and recycling. The future will belong to those able to understand and utilize these new circular systems.

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