The interest in all forms of work flexibility is growing


The interest in home office as well as other forms of work flexibility is growing by the employees strongly. Companies from business services sector therefore come with a broader offer of jobs with home office option, flexible working hours or even with part time jobs. According to the ABSL survey, 80% of Czech business services centers offer full or partial home office and over 60% of employees use this option. This is a significantly higher figure than shows the Czech labor market as a whole. “Employee interest in work from home and flexible working hours is growing and is becoming an important argument for candidates who decide about the acceptance of a job offer. According to our survey, it is even the third most important criterion that people take into consideration when looking for a job,” said Jonathan Appleton, Director of ABSL. This is why ABSL together with its strategic partner Deloitte offer a broad range of seminars with the aim to explain the novelties in home office regulations that will bring the amendment to the Labor Code.


The business services segment also excels in offering of part time jobs. At present, 11% of employees from this segment work part-time, which is significantly higher figure than the Czech average, which is around 5%. “Companies in our segment see in  part time jobs not only the opportunity to offer their employees the right work-life balance, but also the source of new candidates that can balance the current shortage of available human resources,” adds Jonathan Appleton.


More information you can read in the latest press release.



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