13 -14 November 2019 | Brno

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The truth about robotics, automation & AI

How much should you really pay attention to RPA and AI? Here is an all-telling statistic from Deloitte:

“Robotic process automation increased the productivity of Czech companies by 74%. Due to this improved productivity, by 2033, the potential of the Czech economy can grow by up to 78%, which is more than double the growth without the use of robotics.”

RPA and AI are game-changing tools disrupting the growth potential and careers of people. During the Annual ABSL Conference in Brno, a number of experts are ready to demystify the future of RPA and AI:

Robotics Process Automation made simple

Did you know that RPA can be instantly deployed via browser? Or that it can be scaled on-demand? Explore the new opportunities provided by a unique global platform, which accelerates business growth through automation.

Real-life challenges of robotics implementation

The global RPA leaders and experts are ready to share with you the common pitfalls and best-practice tips for implementing RPA in business services. All illustrated on real-life case studies.

The dawn of automated Finance

Data analysts instead of accountants? That’s the near future of finance. Minimize tedious tasks and errors by automating and employing AI. Learn more from award-winning project and expert panelists including:

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