To centralise or pass on to the specialists?

The fact that centralising processes improves effectiveness and lowers costs has long been verified in practice. But what about outsourcing of selected processes? Considerable savings can also be made in this case, particularly if the partner company utilises modern approaches and technologies. The recently awarded project by the Comdata Czech Company for the Vodafone telecommunication operator can be used as an example.

This was one of our biggest projects, within the terms of which we completely assumed, redesigned and automated the customer’s back-office processes,“ Andrea Tonoli of Comdata Czech stated and he added: “By handing over back-office to Comdata and our platform, the Vodafone Company was able to significantly improve the effectiveness of its corporate processes and reduce annual operating costs by 29 %.“

It is back-office processes that are most typical of the areas that companies entrust to their outsourcing partners. This concerns standardised processes, which function in a similar manner in various spheres of business and which can therefore be easily robotised. “Robotic automation technologies are capable of processing tasks with an accuracy of over 95% and 20 times faster than a human. Companies that decide to outsource can also devote all their attention to their sector of business or establishment of relations with customers,“ Jonathan Appleton, director of the ABSL Association, which associates companies in the business services sector in the Czech Republic, explains.

ABSL Diamonds for Comdata Czech
The Comdata Czech Company’s project is not only appreciated by Vodafone, but also by the independent jury awarding the prestigious ABSL Diamonds awards. The Comdata Czech Company received the highest award in the Business Excellent category (the best project in the field of quality). The project was awarded a great number of points chiefly for the innovative technologies used in the project. The Comdata Czech Company has been active in outsourcing, taking on and subsequent improvement of the effectiveness of corporate processes for over 20 years and tests a number of automation platforms at its central research laboratories. “In the field of robotic automation we particularly value our in-depth knowledge of customer care processes, thanks to which we are capable of defining which back-office processes automation is suitable for with regard to effectiveness and investment return-rate,“ Andrea Tonoli of Comdata Czech specified.

Re-design and automation for greater efficiency and lower costs
The technologies of robotic automation or machine learning and artificial intelligence eliminate routine work and improve efficiency and accuracy. They are also one of the main driving elements for expansion of the entire business services segment and are utilised at least partially by 75% of Czech business centres. According to the ABSL even more massive implementation of these technologies is expected next year. “Robotisation, previously only used for routine tasks such as creation of reports or mechanical transcription of data from one system to another, is now expanding to other activities, such as creation of contracts or processes in the field of human resources. As well as the business services sector, it is also being massively implemented for example in banking, insurance, telecommunications, utilities in the automotive industry or in the public sector,“ Pavel Šimák from the Deloitte Company informed and he added: “But people do not have to be concerned that they will lose their jobs, as also demonstrated by the 19% increase in the number of employees working in the business services sector, but they will be carrying out more sophisticated work instead of boring tasks.“