Virtual reality will bring about a revolution similar to robotics


Technologies on the rise, commonly referred to as Industry 4.0, are changing the workplace and the nature of work. Virtual or augmented reality (VR/AR) represent one the key trends. Although they are so far being used the most within the gaming industry, companies are increasingly attempting to apply them also in the business environment, for example within the education or for the sales of high-end goods. ABSL estimates that by the year 2025 the VR/AR will be used in almost all sales applications. The upcoming revolution, which is happening not only within sales but also in other business areas, is expected to have a similar impact to robotics.

The implementation of VR/AR is so far the fastest within the aviation and automobile industries, but also within energies, utilities, oil and gas sectors. These technologies promise a great potential also within retail business. As a result, the spread of the VR/AR technologies to the industries mentioned above will also impact the business services. “We expect that the companies will react to the changes brought about by the implementation of the VR/AR by even greater centralization of processes and by moving them into the business service centres. These will include for example sales, customer service, data analyses, development and interface management and so on,” explains Jonathan Appleton, Managing Director of ABSL. New processes will subsequently create new job roles, for example experts on design and management of virtual shops, designers of virtual environment and their testers. You can learn more in the latest press release (in Czech only).


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