10-12 November 2020 | Online

Welcoming 650 Registered & Uncovering Academy, Future You Sessions.

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We are delighted to have you on board for this year’s ABSL Digital Conference. With more than 70 speakers and global experts from the sector we keep working intensely to provide you with the best digital experience.

To give you a taste, let us introduce you ABSL Academy: Future You sessions that will make a significant part of this year’s conference. 

What awaits you? As part of the free registration, you and your colleagues will have the opportunity to choose from over 20 various sessions on self-development, HR, finance, leadership and much more.

 Self Development & Leadership of the Future.

In the ‘New Normal’ new approaches and leadership concepts arise. Be introduced to better solutions for personal, team, organization or hybrid leadership that brings true agility to life, or mental health leadership as an essential innovative approach.

From Power of questions to Powerful questions. Explore the best questions that can significantly move conversation forward. The sensitive questions that enable you to generate genuine interest. The powerful questions that make you a great leader.

Uncover Search Inside Yourself®. A programme that supports developing culture of self-accountability, enthusiasm, teamwork and offers techniques for increasing performance, cooperation with others, well-being, resilience or stress management, introduced by FNZ – the ABSL
Diamonds Winner 2019.

 Human Resources & Future Talents.

How can we spark creativity when working remotely and not face to face? Learn effective innovations for remote teams or the best practices in using digital tools for interviewing and evaluation. 

Discover Social Selling and Personal Branding. Learn to build a strong brand in these uncertain times and highlight your personal brand. Use the power of social media and explore the best ways to boost your brand, which can bring
major results not only in
sourcing without HR. 

Bring your teams. With more than half of the registration capacity full, ensure to share the ABSL Digital Conference with your teams, colleagues or with those, these topics could help or would be relevant to. 

Learn more about what you can look forward to and follow our weekly conference news on Conference Website or on our LinkedIn Profile.

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