13 -14 November 2019 | Brno

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The ABSL-Summit-2019 talk that outscored Bill Clinton

The ABSL-Summit-2019 talk that outscored Bill Clinton

During the ABSL Summit 2019 in Warsaw, Tom Bangemann, Senior Vice President of Business Transformation at The Hackett Group, and Justyna Piwowarczyk, Global Business Service Director of Smith & Nephew, outscored Bill Clinton with their inspiring presentation on World-class GBS.

Now the delegates of the ABSL Conference in Brno are being provided with the opportunity to experience the same presentation. What can you look forward to?

What is your most valuable asset?

Tom Bangemann asks the companies he works with: “What is your most valuable asset?” Almost always the response is: “Our people.” Yet companies fail to reflect this within their priorities. And this is only one of the crucial challenges facing business service centres trying to develop into truly world-class global centres.

For more than 20 years The Hackett Group has been helping organisations to develop world class business service centres and more recently they have been pioneering strategies in digital transformations and talent management to support this development. In Brno, Tom will uncover how to overcome some of the challenges facing centres on their journey to becoming World-class GBS.

The real-life experience of Smith & Nephew

Joining Tom will be Justyna Piwowarczyk who will share the real-life experience of Smith & Nephew global business service centre undertaking their own rapid expansion and journey towards GBS excellence.

Gaining the tools to develop GBS talent

You may also look forward to a half-day Academy interactive workshop by The Hackett Institute, which specializes in developing GBS talent while drawing on The Hackett Group data and vast sector knowledge.

During the session, Ben Hartfield, Senior Director and Global Lead, and Sabine McGuin, Director and European Lead for The Hackett Institute will pose a number of questions and challenges for the group to address as well as sharing The Hackett Group’s perspective on a number of relevant topics and some practical takeaways for the participants.

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